Self Care Pre-Plan Thoughts

Soooo, I did this self care assessment and it seems that its a good thing I will be making a self care plan alongside you all. Its actually kind of embarrassing :/ .

Workplace/Professional Self Care 13/40

Physical Self Care 8/28

Psychological Self Care 16/48

Emotional Self care 14/32

Spiritual Self Care 16/32

Relationship Self Care 12/32

Do the assessment yourself here.

These are the worst grades I have ever gotten in my life on anything! Its true I haven’t made a self care plan in years, and its sometimes difficult to implement. So I am going to start small.



Ill identify my main stressors and also identify the stressors related to teaching trauma and psychology more specifically. I won’t try to tackle everything all at once, thats just self sabotage. I will rank the stressors in order of how much my past few weeks have been affected by them. Ill only focus on the top few.


My low self care scores notwithstanding, I do have pre-existing strategies that help me. I just need to remind myself what these are and create a feasible schedule to do them. I am going to come up with small, feasible, tasks/ideas to tackle each of the main stressors. I will set my standards low and work my way up. No point in setting a standard I can’t keep up with only to feel so bad about myself that I don’t do anything at all! I will try to make my goals “SMART”.

I also obviously need some new strategies to cope and to promote self care. The assessment provided me with some ideas and I found a zillion others on the internet. Find a few more suggestions here. I will think about what will work for me, because the same thing applies to trauma as it does to self care, one size DOES NOT fit all. Because of the subject experience of trauma, which also applies to coping and self care, these strategies need to be tailored to you. Only you. But they do need to address multiple aspects of you. Take a look at the self care wheel and the self care plan template below.

The self care wheels lets us see ourselves as whole beings, needing a biopsychosocial approach to self-care.
Self care plan template example.
Self care plan template example. Click to download.

A self care plan is an evolving creation, that needs adaptation and tweaking. Some strategies will work, others will fail. We may learn and benefit from each other’s strategies as well! Below are some links to get you started.


Self Care for Professionals

Developing a Self Care Plan

Introduction to Self Care

self care mind map


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